10 Simple Workout Tips for Beginners

Exercise is good for health. Regular exercise is as important as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking nutrition-rich diet. It does you immense good. Unfortunately, though many of you know it well, only a few are ready to get started on an exercise regime. It is easier preached than practiced. Truly speaking, most of you will cringe at the idea of setting a routine and following it daily without any failure.

It is not a Herculean Task to change your daily routine but staying true to it is Truly Daunting. Fitness Freaks are obsessed with exercises but for many, it is just a ‘by fits and starts’ activity. It is intimidating for the ‘Majority’ folks to drag themselves out of the comfort of bed and sweating a lot for a toned and muscled body.

But then if there is a strong will, there is always a suitable way. Continue reading the blog to know the 10 simple workout tips for beginners. Make a good use of these in your real life and your workout regime will go without any hitch.

Be Pragmatic While Setting Goals

Don’t set the goals either impossible or difficult to fulfill.  It is important to be realistic in your real life. Set the final goals that you are confident of achieving. Break the ultimate goals into small goals and eye for the next one only after the last goal is fulfilled. This way, you will feel motivated and will not get overwhelmed by the burden of Gigantic Goals.

Be Persistent

Good results are the fruits of realistic and regular activities. Therefore, don’t skip your fitness program under the lame excuse of ‘crammed schedule’ or ‘feeling out of sort’ or ‘family get-together or other celebrations’. Stick to your fitness regime at any cost and avoid occasional skips and starts.

Never Do Too Much at Starting

Never start with heavy exercises or doing too much too soon. Light workouts are good for the beginners. Once you easily adjust to your workout routine, increase the amount of workout gradually and not more than 10% per week.

Adjust Yourself to Discomfort

A strong feeling of uneasiness will engulf you in the first few days or weeks of workouts.  You may feel aching muscles or shortness of breath after exercising.  But these are very common and you should not worry about these. Just go on with your fitness routine and you will slowly adapt yourself to such kinds of normal discomfort.

Start under a Fitness Trainer

Training under a fitness expert will help you in several ways. The expert can decide the right type of exercises that will suit your age, body type and other physical conditions. Training under a fitness trainer and with a group of friends will keep you motivated and kill your urge to skip the sessions.

Warm Up

Many beginners make a serious mistake of not warming up. You should warm up properly before starting your fitness session; otherwise, it will make you more vulnerable to injuries.

Develop Strong Will Power

“Failure is the steps to success” – you certainly have heard it. Swear never to give up. Almost all beginners experience setbacks but you must not allow them to distract you away from what you want to achieve. Instead of feeling down, accept the odds as the motivators for your goals.

Set an Exercise Routine Convenient to You

Some are early to bed and early to rise whereas others are late risers. Set your exercise routine according to your own convenience. Do exercises at the time when you feel most energetic and make sure to maintain the same timing.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after workouts, especially if you are exercising for a long time or in a warm climatic condition. Dehydration will reduce your energy and performance. Keep in mind severe dehydration can be injurious to your health.

Keep on Trying Something New

The same workouts day in and day out will make you feel bored and you may eventually lose interest in your exercise routine. To make things interesting, always try new workouts, exercises and other activities. A touch of freshness will kill boredom, challenge your body and rekindle your interest in fitness regime.

Final Words

Exercises are good for your physical and mental strength. It keeps your weight in check and makes you more energetic and active. But results won’t come overnight; you need to continue with your exercise routine quite religiously.

Set up your exercise goals and routine, work out in a group and under a trainer, start with light exercises, take nutrition-rich food and plenty of water and build up a strong will power to overcome the odds and obstacles that might come your way. That’s it; That’s the Mantra of Staying Healthy and Happy in Life.