All You Need to Know About Ayurvedic Treatment of Coronavirus

With a surge in coronavirus cases across the world, Ayurveda has evolved its traditionality for a modern solution. Although not having a cure for infectious disease, Ayurveda steps in for providing a medication that relieves the fear of COVID-19 globally. In the wake of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, different governments recommend the use of Ayurveda to heal the present scenario of COVID-19.

Contextually, sustaining with the difficulties in the daily today life, it isn’t easy to revert to the conventional lifestyle. Following up with the stated guidelines by the health ministry is challenging in various aspects. Ayurvedic treatment of corona would alleviate the various health problems from the roots. Ayurveda is the ancient medication system that weaves its originality from the Indian subcontinent. The term Ayurveda backs the essence of leading a healthy lifestyle with a scientific approach. Interestingly, ayurvedic treatments can have answers to the most sophisticated health conditions. It lays its foundation in tackling the diseases to which the advanced allopathic medication fails to identify.

Amidst the various ruminations of different communities of the world, ayurvedic treatment of coronavirus is steaming up globally. The ayurvedic forums are now researching the benefits of ayurvedic herbs for coronavirus treatment. Undoubtedly, ayurveda can relieve the fear of millions of people from the deadly effect of coronavirus.

Ayurveda: a virtue for humanity

  • With various options for home remedies, ayurvedic treatment of corona shares the learnings of a healthy lifestyle. According to the published reports, countries are soon switching over to the use of Ayurveda for a medicine to treat COVID-19. It is believed that the ayurvedic herbs, such as tulsi, black pepper, dry ginger, and cinnamon, can drastically boost the immunity. Scroll down to explore the different perspectives over the ayurvedic treatment of corona.
  • Ayurveda lays the foundations aspects of various diseases by simple methodologies. The medicine can be prepared by some natural ingredients that are available in your kitchen. You can prepare an effective decoction with turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, and ginger that boosts the immunity to greater levels.
  • Lockdown has forced people to be in their respective homes. The situation has adversely affected the mental health of the people. You can rely on ayurvedic remedies for various health conditions, including stress and depression.
  • You can follow the various ayurvedic practices that prevent the risk of containing coronavirus disease with a firm approach. Interestingly, Ayurveda does not require a lot of money. It assures that you stay healthy with the traditional herbs at your home.

The Charaka Samhita: embarking its originality to modernity

The Charaka Samhita is the ancient text on Indian traditional medication properties. It is based on Ayurveda. It presents various ayurvedic remedies for curing prolonged diseases with natural home remedies. According to one of the chapters on world-wide epidemics, you can find a way out through the present scenarios. It says that the lockdown can be beneficial for all of s to stay with our families.

Amid global lockdown, people can efficiently transform their inner selves. Ayurvedic treatment of corona disease can be achieved by following the easy steps of Dinacharya. It carries the essence of the traditional scripted verses in Ayurveda’s ancient text, which allows humanity to lead a healthy and disease-free lifestyle. Please scroll down to know its application in your daily life.

  • It says that you must follow a particular pattern in your activities to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Waking in the morning and having a glass of warm water can do wonders for your immune system.
  • Switch over to tulsi tea from the conventional tea you take in the morning. You can have a decoction of various herbs like ginger and cinnamon, to start your day. These herbal teas are known for their medicinal properties. Thus, ayurvedic treatment of coronavirus can be created in your kitchen with natural ingredients.
  • Practicing pranayama for a specified period can prove beneficial for your body. Not it helps to boost immunity, but it also rejuvenates the body organs. The pranayama exercise includes Bhastrika, Kapala Bhati, and Anuloma Viloma, to name a few. The pranayama enhances the energy of your body with several other health benefits.

On the intellectual foreground, ayurvedic verses imply the continuation of the chakras in the world. It says that nothing is permanent. Beautifying the approach, it contemplates your ease in awareness in three words: Sat Chit Anand. The verses comply with the various events that come and go on their own accord. Similarly, it reflects the idea of treating coronavirus with an affirmative approach. With wilful integrity and balance between mind and body, ayurvedic treatment for corona can work wonders globally.

In conclusion

History stands as a mute testimony over the ayurvedic approach for leading a healthy life. Together, humanity, with its wisdom, can surely win the battle with Ayurvedic knowledge and effective medications.