Baby Spa for Infant’s Development

In recent times, the emergence of baby spas has gained popularity amongst urban society. A baby spa offers not only activities for toddlers but also for mothers too. Social media has also played a massive role, where newborn mothers post photos of their infant having a great time at the baby spa treatment, whether it is water therapy or a massage. But, the question we want to answer is whether baby spas are a fad? Or is it really beneficial for a toddler’s development?

Not just for adults

Most assume a spa as a place for adults to visit to relax and unwind by getting a body massage or other treatments. It is also for babies and children nowadays. Spa for infants is usually carried out under the supervision of a trained therapist. The two main activities carried out at baby spas are massage and hydrotherapy.

A baby spa supports toddler’s development in a variety of ways:

  1. Massaging the toddlers gently promotes relaxation and can have a soothing effect on them.
  2. When toddlers are constipated, it is recommended by pediatric physical therapists to use massage techniques.
  3. Massaging infants can lead to better growth in premature babies, including supporting sensory development.
  4. Gives an opportunity to bond with the baby: It is vital for the toddler’s development that parents or caregivers have a warm and trusting relationship with the infant. A massage is a fantastic way to create a strong bond with your baby.
  5. Relaxes the toddler putting them to sleep instantly: A massage before nap time helps infants unwind and make them fall asleep immediately. It also calms them down from the excitement of the day.
  6. Soothes toddlers when upset: In addition to a massage promoting relaxation and creating a bond, it can also help calm down toddlers when they are crying, not from physical discomfort or hunger.
  7. Helps with constipation: A trained physical therapist at Giggly Panda can educate parents or caregivers on the technique to help move stool stuck through an infant’s body.
  8. Aids in sensory development: The most developed sense in a toddler is their touch amongst all the other senses. A baby massage helps them learn about their body and their surroundings. It also helps develop their motor skills, or them being able to understand and utilize the information received from their senses.
  9. Benefits premature toddlers: Regular massage on premature babies can lead to a toddler’s better growth and development. It helps in their regular intake of oxygen and slows down their heart rate during and after the massage.
  10. Great way to teach language: In addition to helping create a solid bond, massaging your baby is a great chance to teach them languages by narrating what you are doing.

As mentioned above, this is how a toddler can benefit from a massage. It helps in their overall growth and development. Additionally, it also encourages food movement making sure they do not suffer from constipation or any other gastric ailments.

Here at Giggly Panda Baby Spa and Wellness, our professional and trained therapists have years of experience in this field, and you can rest assured; they will take care of your infant and, most importantly, ensure they have a fantastic time during their massage. We also educate and provide advice on how a massage aids in their development and how it helps create a solid bond between you and your toddler. So, if you are in the Mississauga area, head on down with your baby and let them have a relaxing and fun time during their massage.