Nutrition Tips for Good Health

WHO (World Health Organization) suggests better nutrition improves health for people of all ages, lowers the risks of illnesses, promotes immunity and increases longevity. Common people are often trapped into the dilemma of what to eat and what to avoid. Furthermore, mouth-watering fast foods often end their resolution of taking ‘Only Healthy and Not Spicy’ … Read more

The Art of Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Though everyone wants to stay healthy, the recipe of maintaining a healthy lifestyle might feel like facing a grave challenge for some. It’s really not easy for them to steal some time from their home management and professional responsibilities and commit themselves to fitness routine. Sometimes, it feels incompatible with reality of life. Healthy living … Read more

The Essential Guide to First Aid Kits for Cruise

When setting sail on a cruise ship, it’s essential to be prepared for any unforeseen medical emergencies or minor injuries that may occur during your journey. A well-equipped first aid kit specifically designed for cruise travel is an essential item to have on board. This article will explore the key components and considerations for assembling … Read more

8 Simple Ways for Health Improvement

Every New Year, we take resolution for gigantic, glaring and glorious lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, most of us quickly grow frustrated at adjusting ourselves to giant changes and toss our New Year Resolutions into the den of oblivion. Most people fail to understand that lifestyle changes need not to be huge. Small changes also work and … Read more

What Are the Early Symptoms of Kidney Stones?

Kidney Stones are hard deposits of salt and minerals usually composed of uric acid or calcium. They originate in the kidneys but can move to any part of the urinary tract. Kidney stones could be as small as a fraction of an inch or a few inches in size. Some very large size kidney stones … Read more

Treatment Options for Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease, also known as PKD, refers to an inherited disorder that involves clusters of cysts primarily building in your kidneys, causing the kidneys to enlarge and impairing their functions. Cysts are fluid-filled, benign, round sacs.  Cysts vary in their size and may grow large. Many or large cysts will likely interfere with how … Read more

Worried about Kidney Stones? Try These Natural Remedies

Proper hydration is a key to flush out stones from the kidney and, most importantly, prevent new stone formation. Liquid helps remove toxins from your body and also flush out grit and stones through the urinary tract. Water does a great job to eliminate stones. However, some additional ingredients make ‘Hydration’ therapy more effective. Make … Read more

What You Should Do to Stay Fit & Healthy

“Health is Wealth” – we all talk it, but only a few follow the rules & routines to stay healthy. Staying healthy requires you to ditch junk foods and bad habits. Indulging yourself in spicy and fried items once in a blue moon is not going to harm you, but having these on your platter … Read more