Multiple Health Benefits of Yoga

‘YOGA’ has originated from the Sanskrit word “YUJI’, which means union or yoke. It is an ancient practice to establish a harmonious connection between the human body and mind and keep both healthy and happy aspects of human existence.   Yoga has multiple benefits that can hardly be achieved through medicines and acrobatic exercises. It … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Start Yoga for Men

Yoga offers incredible health benefits to people of all ages and genders. It’s a meditative and therapeutic activity that relieves stress, develops mental awareness, keeps you in the best of shape, helps in gaining muscular strength, improves work productivity & enhances your mood. Despite all these benefits, only 28% of total yoga practitioners are men … Read more

12 Significant Health Benefits of Yoga

You’ve likely heard at this point that there are significant health benefits of yoga. You may have done it and discovered that it helps you to sleep well. A full spectrum of mental and physical medical benefits is provided by daily yoga practice. Others, including mental clarity and stress decrease, might be more inconspicuous however … Read more

The Miracle Effect of Yoga for Coronavirus Treatment

Owing to the various unfortunate aspects of COVID-19, the world is now under the grip of the global lockdown. While the situation may change in the long run, people are currently seeking numerous ways to increase their immunity. According to the present date, there have been over 4 million cases worldwide, with thousands of deaths reported by … Read more