Chest Physiotherapy: All You Need to Know Amidst COVID-19 Situation!

Here is what you read as a forwarded WhatsApp message that ultimately clogged up in April 2021,

“A 58-year-old male has got admitted to Vedantaa Institute of Medical Sciences, was COVID-19 positive, with [oxygen] saturation at 62 %. Saturation continuously dropped after admission. The patient was put on NIV [non-invasive ventilation]. He maintained saturation at 85% only due to too many secretions and cytokine storms.

Further, our doctors decided to start chest physiotherapy twice a day. After the second day of chest physiotherapy, the patient maintained saturation at 97-98%, without NIV, at 2-4 liters of oxygen, and is recovering well.

The doctors have started chest physiotherapy for many COVID-19 patients so far. Patients are responding well and supposedly stable (sic). ”

So, what is chest therapy, and what should you know about its procedure?

Being the leading providers of physiotherapy services in Gurgaon, we help you understand the actual scenario of chest physiotherapy.

Chest Physiotherapy in the current context!

While COVID-19 has bought the world to a standstill, causing increasingly high morbidity rates and deaths, more patients are being diagnosed with respiratory failure and pneumonia. The patients are switching either for artificial ventilation or other better techniques that can improve respiratory function in the body.

One of these techniques that are widely approached now is chest physiotherapy. It has shown tremendous improvement for reverse pathological progression, gas exchange and, in some cases, helps avoid the need for artificial ventilation only when it is provided in very early respiratory problems.

What is chest physiotherapy?

Chest physiotherapy involves different physical techniques that help improves lung function and helps you breathe comfortably. CPT or Chest PT effectively strengthens the breathing muscles while expanding the lungs, loosening and improving drainage of thick lung secretions.

Why it is beneficial for COVID patients is the fact chest physiotherapy helps prevent pneumonia. At Pal Physiotherapy, you get a plethora of benefits from the best physiotherapy services in Gurgaon. As an active response to the COVID-19 situation, we are also providing physiotherapy services for homes in Gurgaon.

When do you need chest physiotherapy?

Chest physiotherapy can be effectively performed on patients with respiratory disorders. Whether a person is in the recovery phase or has higher chances to contract the infection, chest physiotherapy can help reduce the requirement for artificial ventilation and oxygen supplementation. While it improves the patients’ exercise capacity, chest physiotherapy is one of the best procedures for older adults to opt for in this spiking situation.

Our physiotherapy center aims to maximize the quantity of life for the patients. It includes spheres of therapy treatment, intervention, and rehabilitation for you. We have all therapies for a healthier life, right from physiotherapy and manual therapy to physiotherapy at home.

Indeed, if you are worried about your parents and elders, book an appointment with us to experience some of the best physiotherapy procedures by our in-house team of professionals.

Chest physiotherapy is a broad term. Know about its types!

We understand the need for you to know all aspects of physiotherapy before going for any procedure. Different healthcare providers may use various chest physiotherapy together, and you should know the correct information to select the best for yourself.

Here are the different types of chest physiotherapy:

  • Controlled coughing techniques

It helps your body to break up lung secretions. In this procedure, your caregiver can effectively suction them out so that you can cough them.

  • Chest percussion and vibration

While loosening the lung secretions, here, a special CPT vest is attached to a machine. The machine helps the vest vibrates with high frequency for breaking up the secretions faster.

  • Deep breathing exercises

On the forefront, it helps expand the lungs to draw more oxygen to all areas of the lungs.

  • Incentive spirometry

It is one of the most functional techniques to improve lung function by strong inhalation using a particular device. Most commonly, these are used in cases to prevent pneumonia and re-expand your lungs.

Check for a legit physiotherapist to administer chest physiotherapy procedure!

Yes, only trained professional physiotherapists and expert chest physiotherapists can administer this form of therapy. The technique is compelling, and thus, patients should trust only professionals and experts in the field for actual efficiency.

At Pal Physiotherapy, get in touch with the best physiotherapist for different treatments. Indeed, following a philosophy different from the other physical therapy centers, we ensure you get better in the shortest period for a healthier and active life!

In a nutshell

How should you prepare for chest physiotherapy?

What questions should you ask the therapist before the procedure?

Without much load on the patient, we are here to provide the best physiotherapy procedures. Preparing for chest therapy is not complex. We recommend not to eat right before CPT. While some techniques may require you to have a glass of water before the treatment, others may not! Further, it is always better to ask your physiotherapist about the duration you will need the treatment and the frequency to follow up.