Eat These 15 Food Items for Boosting the Immune System

The immune system is one of the crucial parts of the body that helps to prevent the human from dangerous diseases. To prevent all the diseases from the body, you need to make your immune system strong by eating fresh and healthy food. It’s better to show some kindness to your body as this will only keep you working. So, better you prefer to have a good and a healthy immune system so that it can support you a delightful life ahead.

How does the human immune system function?

The immune system is like a guard for the human body to prevent it from bacteria and viruses to infect a person. The immune system has a direct linking with the various parts, including cells, proteins, bone marrow, tissues, and blood. Thus it is essential to protect these from foreign particles and stop germs to make their way inside. You need to take essential nutrients so that it boosts the ability of a body to work and fight against harmful stuff.

Thus we have compiled the list of 15 different food items to boost up your immune system.

#1 Citrus fruits:

The citrus fruits consist of a large amount of Vitamin C. It is very beneficial for humans eating this food item because it helps in the production of white blood cells in the body. Also, it prevents cold.

Best citrus fruits

• Oranges
• Grapefruit
• Limes
• Clementine’s

#2 Red bell peppers:

The red bell peppers consist of beta carotene that helps in providing vitamin C in the body. It helps in building the immune system of the body with the twice amount of vitamin C.

Prevents body parts

• Eyes
• Skin

#3 Broccoli:

It is beneficial for humans eating this healthy vegetable item. It provides huge vitamins A, C, and E to the body.

The packed item contains

• Supercharged vitamins
• Minerals
• Fibres
• Antioxidants

#4 Yoghurt:

It is the best food item for the gut and intestinal system because it keeps the human body system away from dangerous diseases. Do not use yoghurt, which consists of excess sugar. Try to use plain yoghurt because it helps in keeping the immune system active and healthy.

#5 Oats and barley:

This food item has become very popular these days. It consists of antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds that help in boosting the entire immune system.

#6 Garlic:

So, Garlic is also one of the items that keep the body healthy and fit. It prevents the body from numerous infections and also helps in keeping the body warm during cold weather conditions.

Garlic destroys diseases

• Colorectal cancer
• Stomach cancer

#7 Blueberries:

The study of 2016 reveals that blueberries are antioxidant material that prevents the immune system from large infections. This food item consists of a flavonoid, also called anthocyanin keeps the immune system strong. You should probably eat this item during the winter season because it will prevent you from the common cold and respiratory problems.

#8 Dark chocolate:

It helps to protect the cells of the body from infected problems. The antioxidant part of the dark chocolate named Theo bromine boosts the immune system of the pollutant particles.

A bar of dark chocolate rich in

• Calories
• Saturated fat

#9 Turmeric:

This item gets mainly used while cooking. The turmeric consists of yellow colors, which also get used as medicine substituent. It builds the immune system with the help of one turmeric component named curcumin.

#10 Mushrooms:

This food item is rich in many vitamins and minerals, which help in building the strength of the immune system. It is a sugar-like molecule so you should prefer to eat button mushrooms for boosting procedure.

Mushrooms richness

• Vitamin B
• Selenium
• Polysaccharides

#11 Oysters:

You should eat this nutritious food item because it helps in the proper functioning of the immune system.

Oyster Contains

• 190 percent of selenium
• 45 percent of the iron value
• 20 percent of Vitamin C

#12 Watermelon:

You should prefer to eat this fruit every day because it can boost the power of the immune system.

Watermelon contains

• Potassium
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin C
• 80 calories
• Vitamin B6
• Glutathione

#13 Water:

Water is one of the essential items that help in protecting the body from dangerous infections. You should drink ten to twelve water glasses in a day so that your body can remain most hydrated. It will keep the sickness away from the body, and thus, will make the immune system very strong.

#14 Ginger tea:

Ginger tea has proven as the best item during winters because it can take all the infections and viruses away from the body. This anti-inflammatory item can prevent cold and flu from your body. Then you will feel very relaxed and refreshed.

#15 Chicken Noodle Soup:

Chicken Noodle soup has proven as best survival item in the winter season. The anti-inflammatory part of the soup keeps the body warm in the winters. It also keeps the respiratory track calm and warm throughout the cool weather.

An additional tip

For a mother, it is not good to intake shark, swordfish, tilefish, and the king mackerel. These are not good for a recent mother to intake high mercury.


These are some amazing food items that will surely prevent your body from huge infections and viruses. Here, we covered 15 items that will work for you to live a healthy and happy life. However, don’t forget one thing that the immune system is a complex body part. You should not check it eating the wrong food. Take a proper balanced and healthy diet so that you can support good immune health. For someone who suffers from frequent cold problems, he needs to take after his immune system. It is because your immune system has a direct link to this problem. It will help to boost your system quickly, and you will feel warm during the winter season.