Follow 7 Simple Tips to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Even if the most important parameters for good health, including weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, urea, creatine, bilirubin, cholesterol, and triglyceride, tick all the right boxes in your case, you should not allow yourself to ditch your present healthy lifestyle. In fact, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always important whether you are in good health or on a mission to achieve your health goal.

Understanding what it means by a healthy status is a key to maintain good health and handle setbacks.

Follow the 7 simplest healthy lifestyle tips to maintain your healthy status.

Stick to Healthy Habits

Achieving a healthy weight is the main priority for health-conscious folks. Believe me; it is no less a challenge to maintain a healthy weight. Any careless attitude can put your efforts in the reverse order.

Ensuring consistency is anything but easy. Even if you get busy with your work or your schedule keeps changing very often, never offer it as an excuse for skipping breakfast or not taking enough water. Make sure to eat a well-rounded diet every day, consume the same amount of calories, and engage yourself in the same amount of daily physical activities.

Some people tend to slacken their daily healthy habits on the weekend or during festival time. But ‘Consistency’ is key to healthy lifestyle maintenance. Stick to the same ‘Food and Work’ habit seven days a week. This way, you will feel less tempted to go on an eating spree and more likely to manage your healthy weight for a long time.

Cling to Your Calorie Routine

Once your weight machine shows the right number, you might feel tempted to change your diet plan or lifestyle altogether. Though it is not a bad idea to incorporate some changes in the pattern of your nutrition intake, you should always keep a tab on your calorie consumption. This is because the calories you need to maintain at your present weight will differ a lot from what you used to take after setting yourself on a journey for target weight achievement.

Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) to ensure that you are not deviating from your ideal energy balance. For calculation, you should multiply your current weight by 1.2 if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, by 1.5 if you exercise moderately or by 1.75 if you undergo training for a marathon. Use a Calories Per Day Calculator App to calculate your calorie intake and ensure that you’re getting enough for maintaining your current weight.

Continue with Your Favorite Exercise

You surely know the close link between regular exercises and physical fitness to help you achieve your perfect weight. However, many people are still blank about how exercise can cultivate a ‘Feel Good’ factor in them, which triggers the sense for maintaining a healthy status.

Don’t give up your gym visit for regular strength and cardio training. Even if you plan or perceive a change in your routine, squeeze time for at least 1 hour of physical activity instead of giving it a break. A brisk walk around the park, jogging on a treadmill or going out for a swim is really a great idea to attain and maintain fitness.

Increase Your Water Intake

Do you know proper hydration can help you with weight maintenance? Once you have made a plan to get in shape, a balanced diet and plenty of fluid intake is important to achieve the goal. Unfortunately, many people emphasize more on a healthy diet while completely ignoring the need of sufficient water consumption.

Proper hydration promotes your body functions as well as helps you with weight maintenance. Make sure to drink a glass of water before taking your meals. Not only will it keep you hydrated but it also gives you feeling of fullness that could help you curb on your calorie intake.

Get Full Night Nap

If you cannot manage time for sleep, your healthy lifestyle goal will go for a toss. A full night’s nap will soak in your fatigue and frustration (if these are not chronic). Do you know sleep deficiency and weight gain are closely associated? If you suffer from sleep debt, you tend to skip exercises that play a crucial role in fat burning and muscle buildup. As a result, you are more likely to gorge on unhealthy foods.

Lack of enough sleep triggers unhealthy decisions by reducing the urge for daily exercises and activities in the part of your brain responsible for impulse control. You certainly have noticed that you are more prone to making wrong decisions when being tired.

According to doctors, seven-nine hours of sleep every night is a need for your good physical and mental health. However, some people can stay healthy on just 4 hours’ of sleep due to a mutation in a gene called ADRB1. You should assess how much sleep and rest is ideal for your health maintenance.

Monitor Your Progress

When you are on a ‘Healthy Journey’ to get good health, you must monitor your progress after a regular interval. But what if you have already achieved your goal? Still, it won’t be wise to set aside your weight machine or uninstalling Calorie Tracking App. Make sure to continue with tracking your progress for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Maintain a digital diary as a constant reminder for a healthy diet and lifestyle pattern and identifying unhealthy habits if you ever fall off the track.

Forgive Yourself for Occasional Setbacks

However hard you try not to get far away off your track, occasional derailing is most likely to happen. Whether you go on a binge at your friend’s B’day Party or feel under the weather at a pub, you should forgive yourself for such a slip-up once in a blue moon. If you are going to resume the same healthy habits from the very next day, such minor setbacks won’t distract and derail you from what you have set to achieve.

Wrapping Up

The password for healthy lifestyle maintenance is to balance your energy level with nutrition-rich food, plenty of water, enough sleep and good habits. Keep in mind that optimal health is a life-long goal and therefore, you should have enough sense and patience to stick to the above-stated habits to stay healthy.