Get Better Gains With These Muscle-Building Foods on Your Plate

We know that during the pandemic we all have been consumed by searching and scrolling fitness accounts wondering how long it will be before we too will have a lean and muscular body by the influencers we so seriously follow! While some of us study these figures very closely there are still some of us who are astounded by the sheer effort that goes into the process of achieving a muscular body; and we are left to wonder why so many people devote such a huge chunk of their day trying to gain so much muscle? Just to look big and muscular in those chic workout clothes?

While for some of us having a muscular body might not be a priority or might not make sense and sure entering competitions and challenges might give you incredible thrill; there are many reasons why people believe in working out day and night to look so strong and well-built:

#1 Helps to lose fat

Our fat cells store energy in them which is used up by muscle cells whenever you do any movement at all. So, when you start muscle training then your body will require even more energy from your fat cells which will increase your metabolism rate allowing you to lose fat around the clock even when you’re not working out!

#2 Helps to reduce sugar levels

Glucose and sugar are also converted into energy hence patients who have high sugar levels in their blood are strongly suggested to work out and use their muscles as much as possible because exercise and muscle training helps to reduce blood sugar levels in the blood drastically.

#3 Helps reduce cholesterol

Similarly bad cholesterol is also reduced when we do muscle centric exercises and helps patients with high blood pressure immensely.

#4 Helps reduce chances of getting heart diseases

Since muscle training helps to lower cholesterol levels, sugar levels and also helps to reduce extra fat from our bodies, this allows our heart to work more efficiently and saves us further from getting chronic heart diseases.

#5 Helps to reduce chances of injury

Strong muscles are like strong armor around our body that protect our organs and bones against major and severe injuries. The constant blood circulation in our muscles gives them an elasticity-like quality that helps to absorb severe impacts and protect our bones from getting injured or broken.

#6 Helps give your body shape and structure

Who doesn’t like a curvaceous body that shows off all your curves! One of the most important things to a bodybuilder is the shape and structure of their bodies that they have worked so hard to achieve! And they are rightly commended for it as well! A proper structure and shape of a body not only helps to keep you motivated, looking healthy, feeling good about yourself but it also helps to align your organs which further helps your nervous system and digestive system to work efficiently.

#7 Gain incredible power and strength

It is never a bad idea to gain extra strength and power when it comes to doing every day chores efficiently. Muscle training will not only help you perform everyday tasks smoothly but will also allow you to perform tasks such as moving around furniture or carrying heavy luggage around easily.

While of course all these reasons are enough to compel anyone, who takes their health seriously to start muscle training, the process is not easy at all; in fact it can prove to be quite difficult at times. However, if you remain motivated and steadfast in your decision anything is possible!

Most of us when we imagine doing muscle training we envision working out and being physically active around the clock and while it’s true that exercise plays a very major role and you can find plenty of workouts that will help you in building muscle, what we eat and consume also play an equally important, if not more important role. As established before, muscle training requires a lot of energy which can sometimes be extremely fatiguing for a human being and the only thing that can give us the energy and strength to maintain and keep up with the workout regimes is food.

Food has three major roles when it comes to muscle training:

  1. Provide and maintain energy
  2. Protect from fatigue
  3. Help recover muscles after strenuous training

For these three major purposes it is very important to watch what we eat, how much quantity of it we eat and also at what time we plan to eat it. Since most people who are interested in building muscle realize very quickly how difficult it can be to keep a track on our diets, many trainers even suggest visiting and hiring a nutritionist to help guide a person through this journey. In this article however, we are going to primarily discuss ten types of foods that will help you gain muscle and guide you through the entire process. We do however strongly recommend consulting a trainer and also a nutritionist in case you want some professional guidance.

Every food group is important for the sustainability of good health so to assume you should only be having proteins and avoid any kind of carbohydrates is a rumor that has no truth to it and should be debunked immediately! Carbohydrates actually help to store glycogen in our muscles and also our liver which will help us to avoid getting fatigued after a workout. In fact many nutritionists even believe that it is not only ideal but even recommended that carbohydrates make up 45 to 55 % of our daily calorie intake because that’s how important carbohydrates are important for our bodies; even more so if we are doing hardcore workouts.

So get ready to see various kinds of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins all included in our list today!

#1 Eggs

The high levels of amino acids in eggs make them one of the ideal things to eat because amino acids encourage muscle weight gain; eggs also have proteins, good fat and Vitamin B that help produce energy in the body.

#2 Chicken

Chicken breasts have high levels of protein and Vitamin B in them, they help promote fat loss and also aid in filling up your stomach so you don’t feel hungry for long after consuming it.

#3 Yogurt

Yogurt and other such dairy products are widely known as slow-digesting proteins; hence your body takes more time digesting them allowing you to feel full for longer periods of time after consuming it.
Of course, yogurt also has the ability to keep you hydrated so you can work out for long periods of time without feeling dizzy, dehydrated or fatigued.

In yogurts if you prefer having Greek yogurt then that is highly recommended because Greek yogurt has double the number of proteins in them as compared to regular yogurt.

#4 Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese again is an ideal food to have because of the high levels of amino acids in it and because of which it is considered a great snack for muscle building.

Not to forget that low fat cottage cheese has very little calories in it and it still fills you up!

#5 Brown Rice

Brown rice is the best source of good carbohydrates to consume; they are low fat and have a very low calorie count and provide you with the energy required to do hardcore exercises and weight lifting.

#6 Milk

Calcium is extremely important for the protection and efficient performance of the bones in our bodies. Milk also has proteins, good fat and good carbohydrates in them that promote muscle gain, muscle recovery and energy to keep going on!

#7 Fish

Seafood has a low calorie count, high levels of omega-3 good fat which help promote muscle gain and maintain muscle growth; seafood is also packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin B that improve your energy levels and help you perform better.

#8 Peanuts

Again peanuts are considered an excellent snack because of how filling they are; peanuts are also packed with proteins, vitamins, good fat and carbohydrates in them that provide energy.

Peanuts also have amino acids in them which helps to gain muscle weight.

#9 Beans

Although all kinds of beans are encouraged to be in your plant based diet, some like kidneys, black beans and pinto are highly recommended because of the low calorie count that they have in them and because they are packed with proteins.

Beans also have fiber, Vitamin B, magnesium, phosphorus and iron in them which is why beans are considered to be extremely healthy and filling.

Beans are also considered very healthy because they help prevent diseases and encourage you to lead a healthy life.

#10 Quinoa

Like brown rice Quinoa are also considered to be a source of good carbohydrates which makes them an excellent source of energy; Quinoa also has magnesium and phosphorus in them which is considered good for your muscles and nervous system.