Health and Fitness Blogs for Living a Healthy & Happy Life

Health is the best inherited and most precious wealth in our life. Unfortunately, most of us take little or not care of it. Then one fine day someone tells us how pale, fat or unhealthy we look or we start feeling out of sorts and the problem lingers or comes back. Surely, doctors help to recover. However, we also have a role to play in maintaining good health. What could be a better source than health and fitness blogs to keep us healthy, both physically and mentally?

We have painstakingly searched different sources and resources to narrow our choices to 30 health and wellness blogs to provide you with genuine solutions. These bloggers are certified fitness training experts, therapists, nutritionists or the top-of-the-line manufacturers of health and fitness items. They offer pragmatic solution due to their long-time experience in the health and fitness industry.

What is more, most of these blogs provide information for free. We understand no one likes to pay a price for reading fitness-related information. Similarly, being forced to buy fitness equipment also spoils urge of revisiting a site for fitness goals. Let us now list them one by one with a few lines of introduction.

Reebok Fitness Blog: Reebok is the leading sporting gear and equipment manufacturer. Subscribe and get the latest news on health, fitness and wellness from the.

Love Sweat Fitness: Katie Dunlop, the owner of the site, chose to help others with fitness goals. She shares her story of fitness journey with the readers though the site and also offer advice on nutrition, workout and daily motivation.

Born Fitness: The site the readers’ queries about health, wellness and nutrition to help them in every possible way. They have connection with a bunch of fitness experts who provide customized fitness and wellness related solutions for every individual reaching out to them for advice.

The Fitnessista: The blogger is a wife, a mother and trained fitness expert. She offers healthy recipes and quick workout tips.

Garmin Fitness Blog: The creator of this blog manufactures high-end products for outdoor sports, automotive and aviation industry. The articles in this blog talk about evidence-based fitness and wellness information.

Carrots ‘N’ Cake: Tina Haupert created the site to help fitness freaks to find and maintain a healthy balance in their life. She provides realistic and authentic advice on fitness, nutrition and the ‘best practices’ to accomplish and maintain the balance.

Chuze Fitness: The site is a good source of smart solutions for both the seasoned fitness enthusiasts and first-time gym-goers. The blog provides valuable and viable tips for fitness, workout regimes and so much more. The blog covers a wider variety of topics from yoga, pilates to cardio workouts.

Hungry Healthy Happy: The blog promotes positivity to keep you healthy and happy. The blog owner love to see her readers engaged in meaningful activities that will fulfill their fitness goals. The blog also discusses topics to improve mental health and happiness.

The Yoga Warrior: The title drops a hint about what you can expect from it. Whether you are an experienced yoga expert or a beginner, the site offers good help about the ancient practice for health and wellness. The blog also discusses about how you can live a yogi life, practice meditation and mindfulness and apply the yogic philosophy in different areas of your life.

Furthermore, it has a greater network of like-minded persons who can offer you support and additional motivation if you really need these for fitness goal fulfillment.

ACE Healthy Living Blog: The health-centered features and informative articles in the blog will inspire you to live a healthy life. ACS works with a core belief that movement helps people stay alive, which is important for attaining good health. It supplies health and fitness tips in details for you and your family.

Simply Shredded: These days, both men and women want to maintain a slim and toned body. Visit the site if you want to stay healthy and develop muscles. The site publishes interviews with the bodybuilders, informative articles about bodybuilding and motivational stories.

Nerd Fitness: It is a community of nerds who are always ready to help you in your fitness journey. They might seem misfits and mutants but don’t go by the look as they could be the Messiah to guide you to success. You can plan your workout program with help and support from the like-minded people, who are not like the usual fitness buff around.

DIY Active: The owner created the blog with a mission to provide “home fitness for everyone”. Most of us are busy and crazy with our personal and professional life. And though health and fitness are important but who cares unless he or she falls sick. The blog gives tips on how you can incorporate workouts in your daily life even if you have not time to join a gym.

One Fit Mom Fitness:  The site works as a great motivator to help people achieve their fitness goals. The creator of the blog believes that people can achieve anything if they have the right plan and determination.

Fitting It All In: The blog is a great source of wonderful information and inspiration for those suffering from health issues. Clare created the blog to share her personal journey of recovery from an eating disorder.

Final Words

These blogs offer fitness tips and solutions and set the fitness routine tailored to your specific health conditions, needs and time. You may experience odds and obstacles that will put up a strong challenge on your way to live a health life. But these blogs will always provide the EXTRA push that you need to overcome these hurdles.