How Can You Use Ayurveda for Weight Gain?

Are you pissed off by the tantrums of the people who say how lucky are you to be so lean and skinny?

Well, these pitch variations can be handled differently by different people. But that may be frustrating to hear when all you want is to gain weight. The internet flows through diverse ideas on how to lose weight, but rarely would you find something that outlines the need for skinny people. Now, turning the conventionality around, there is an excellent way to gain weight, that too, in just some simple steps. You can use Ayurveda for weight gain that is effective and promises rejuvenated spirit in your monotonous life.

Do weight gain diets deceive you?

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for a healthy lifestyle. You may have tried numerous weight gain diets that did not add an ounce to your body. A healthy weight gain requires a balanced diet with a systematic approach. You may have to take supplements in the form of medicines if you are highly underweight. But taking medications is never a better option. Do we have some other ways to ensure weight gain on a natural aspect?

Certainly yes!

Ayurveda lays its foundation on the medicinal properties that help to synchronize the various prospects of a body. Whether it is about gaining weight or losing weight, Ayurveda makes it possible in amazingly effective ways.

Balanced weight: Ayurveda for weight gain

Interestingly, owing to the aesthetics of the ayurvedic approach, it does not matter the struggle that you may have been into to gain weight. Ayurveda exemplifies the holistic aspect of balancing your body with suitable nourishment and development. It tackles with the rooted symptoms of the cause rather than to alleviate the effect to a more pronounced prospect. It effectively addresses the deeper imbalances of certain nutrients and hormones that are driving the condition.

  • Ayurveda does not aim to increase your weight abruptly. You do not need to take high doses of calorie content.
  • Neither you would be encouraged to eat vast amounts of unhealthy food items. Instead, Ayurveda presses to eat a simple, nourishing diet while balancing your digestive system in an effective approach. Scroll down to explore the mesmerizing effects of Ayurveda for weight gain.

Healthily gaining weight: Ayurveda at work

Ayurveda suggests that including soybean in diet can do wonders for gaininf=g weight in a healthy manner. If you are a vegetarian, then undoubtedly, soybean can be used as a great source of protein. Also, soybean can effectively replace the portions of meat and fish in your regular meal. Taking fresh fruit juice is also beneficial for the body in the long run. It is advised to take fruits at least three items a week or, if possible, daily.

  • Increase the portions of curd, ghee, rice, dairy products, and wheat in your diet. These food items are known to increase weight healthily.
  • It is essential to include a small quantities of spices that can effectively stimulate your appetite. You can use garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper in your diet for the best results.
  • Also, drinking a lot of water before and after the meal is not a good practice and should be avoided. You may take small sips during the meal and taking lukewarm water can be the best option for a healthy weight gain.
  • Sesame oil is known for its relieving properties. Massaging your body with sesame oil can prove extremely beneficial for promoting blood circulation. It allows the nutrients to get easily absorbed in the body.

Apart from the above methods, Ayurveda suggests various homemade remedies that are used extensively for weight gain.

  • Taking equal amounts of figs, almonds, dates, and raisins, precisely 50 grams with 100 grams of sugarcane juice can do wonders for gaining weight. It can be sauteed in ghee till a jelly-like substance appears. You can eat it twice a day after meals to achieve the best results.
  • Moreover, the ayurvedic remedy, is to use Ashwagandha and Shatavar powder in 3 to 5 grams. It can be mixed effectively with milk for consumption. It is known to help healthily gain weight.

Ayurveda recommends everyone have a daily routine that focuses on the benefits of doing pranayama and calming the body’s nervous system. Eating meals in shorter time intervals and having a check on beneficial aspects of ayurvedic medicine can prove to be a boon for underweight people. Practicing fifteen minutes of pranayama daily can efficiently transform your life. In particular, it is said that the practice of NadiShodhana is deeply calming. It calms the nervous system. Ayurveda for weight gain also prioritizes proper rest and managing rest efficiently to achieve an overall positive outlook over body functionalities.

In conclusion

You can use Ayurveda for weight gain for a healthy approach to the modern lifestyle. Adding ayurvedic nourishment to your diet can be amazingly effective for leading a healthy life.