List of Foods that Trigger Anxiety and Panic Attacks

It is quite common to have anxiety and panic attacks in our daily life. And do you know that the foods we eat can be a reason for this?

People nowadays are more attracted to junk foods than home-made ones, which can be the primary reason for anxiousness and depression among people.

Having processed food occasionally is not harmful, but an excess of its consumption can have hurtful effects on your body.

If you are having anxiety attacks more often, then it is important to reconsider your diet as soon as possible. Make necessary replacement of items that is more likely to worsen your anxiousness and add things that will add up nutritional value to the diet.

Following are the list of foods that you need to avoid, to manage youranxiety-related problems-

#1 Alcohol-

Today`s youth and even the older generation are mostly addicted to alcohol. It may seem fancy, but regular consumption of it may cause harm to your health.

Excess consumption of it may lead to induce anxiety-related symptoms. It will affect your health both physically and mentally. Alcohol may seem to calm your nerves but has adverse effects as it may lead to dehydration and lack of sleep which can trigger anxiety symptoms.

Alcohol leads to an increase in the secretion of serotonin in the brain, which has a negative effect on your behaviours and emotions. It leads to an increase in heart rate, hypersensitivity, lowered blood sugar levels, and dehydration.

#2 Caffeine-

Consumption of caffeine makes you feel queasy, light-headed, lack of sleep, and even anxious. It often leads to headaches, fatigue and irritability.

Suppose you are prone to acute anxiety and panic attacks. In that case, you should quit the consumption of caffeine-concentrated drinks and replace it with some herbal or natural beverages, which will be good for your metabolism.

#3 Gluten-

Glutens are proteins found in most grains like wheat, barley, and rye. This helps give a soft consistency to foods when baked like pizza, bread, cereals, etc.

Gluten doesn`t add up any nutritional value to our diet but can trigger serious health issues or other insensitivities and anxiety issues. Consuming foods that contain gluten should be avoided.

#4 Fast Food-

Fast foods can create an imbalance in your healthy living style. According to a study made in 2012, it was found that people who eat fast Food are more likely (to a percentage of 51%) to develop anxiety and depression than those who don`t. Fast Food may be cheap and tasty, but it can cause various other health issues than depression.

#5 High-Sodium Foods-

Salt is used in every household and is the most common and cheapest ingredient. Salt is essential in keeping up great wellbeing and a proper eating menu, but excess intake of sodium can trigger anxiety and depressional episodes. There has been a craze of fat-free foods over the past few decades, but do you know these fat-free foods you consume to lose weight are high in sodium.

Many researchers have concluded that extra sodium in our diet can affect our immune system, cause many neurological problems, fatigue. It can also play with our emotions caused due to neurological imbalance.

#6 Sugar-

Sugar is the most common essential household ingredient. It adds taste to many food items. But excess intake of it can lead to depression.

The basic demonstration of eating sugar makes your mind work at an imperfect level—and the more you do it, the more noteworthy your danger of depression and the more prominent your threat of diabetes and dementia, as well.

#7 Coffee-

It is no wonder that most of you here are coffee lovers. It acts as jet fuel and helps you get refreshed and feel energetic, but do you know, if you are suffering from anxiety, then consumption of coffee can make your condition even worst.

Coffee bears the highest concentration of caffeine, which can trigger anxiety. Consumption of coffee makes you dehydrated. Caffeine can likewise blunt the retention of crucial temperament adjusting supplements like Vitamin D and Vitamin B.

The Finishing Lines:

These were the list of foods that cause anxiety and panic attacks and make you more exposed to these issues. Consumption of the foods mentioned above, will make you more vulnerable to anxiety and panic attacks if consumed regularly or more than required.

These foods cause anxiety and many other mental and physical health issues, so try cutting off these foods from your diet to lead a healthy life free from anxiety and depression. Remember! your clean lifestyle and mental condition entirely depends upon the food you eat.