List of Foods to Ease your Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common and well-acquainted term in today’s stressful society. From younger to older, no one can get away from it. It is tough to escape from stress and anxiety in such a time-oriented and stressful world.

It can affect your mental as well as physical health. There can be many reasons leading to the anxiety in a person’s life, i.e., social, personal, or professional problems.

Many symptoms indicate that you suffer from anxiety like getting stressed, over thinking, worrying about every minute thing, chest problems, and lots more. If any of the above problems occur to you at more than a standard rate, you may have the chance to suffer from anxiety.

Additionally, if you have anxiety, then take corrective measures before it gets worst. Individuals should never neglect anxiety attacks as they could get worst if not taken care of. Different people have different ways of dealing with it; Eating is one example. Having a proper diet and maintaining a balance of nutrients in your system reduces anxiety.

Here is the list of some foods that will help you to ease your anxiety-related problems to some extent-

#1 Turmeric-

Turmeric contains Curcumin, which has a good effect on anxiety disorder treatment. It contains antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects, which help normalize specific physiological routes.

Curcumin leads to the elevation of neurotransmitters from our system while reducing the volume of stress hormones, such as cortisol. It also acts as a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for our body.

#2 Salmon-

Salmon fish can help reduce your anxiety disorder to some extent. It contains nutrients such as vitamin D and the omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid, which is useful for treating anxiety.

It also contains nutrients that help in improving brain health. Add salmon to your diet at least twice or thrice a week and see the result.

#3 Dark Chocolate-

The main ingredient of dark chocolate is cocoa, which acts as an antioxidant that helps maintain low blood pressure, makes you feel less anxious, and helps circulate blood adequately to the brain and heart.

Research shows that dark chocolate’s taste could also be a reason for controlling anxiety and brain health. It is helpful for those with mood disorders. Dark chocolate is one of the yummiest foods that reduce your stress.

#4 Yogurt-

Yogurt contains bacteria, namely Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, which help reduce anxiety. Yogurt is a must food item to be added to your diet.

It is helpful in the improvement of your mental health. Also, it helps in the brain’s proper functioning by slowing down the antiparticles and neurolysins, which can be a threat to the nerve tissues present in the brain, which in turn can make you anxious.

#5 Turkey-

Turkey consists of tryptophan, an amino acid, which helps in serotonin production, which may help ease your anxiety. Turkey also helps get adequate sleep and mood, which helps forestall stress, which is the leading cause of concern.

#6 Green Tea-

Green Tea is usually a healthy diet in today’s generation. But did you know that it also helps cure your anxiety disorder?

Green Tea contains an amino acid known as L-theanine, which is said to have many positive effects on your brain’s condition and is also useful in anxiety reduction, as shown by some studies. Theanine helps acquire self-reported relaxation and a calm mind while reducing tension to some extent.

#7 Nuts-

Nuts can be one of the helpful foods in easing your anxiety, especially the Brazil Nuts, which have high selenium content in them. Selenium helps improve mood by reducing temper, which is usually at a higher level at the time of anxiety.

Other nuts containing selenium in them like walnuts, can also help treat anxiety. Selenium acts as an antioxidant, preventing the cell from getting damaged.

#8 Vitamin D-

Food rich in Vitamin D help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. It has been proved through various studies that vitamin D helps improve mood as the bad mood is the leading cause of concern.

Other foods can help this process, like cinnamon, spinach, chia seed, chamomile, and pumpkin seed.

The Takeaway:

The above-listed foods help reduce your anxiety syndrome to some extent. There are several other ways that you may prefer, like talking therapies or medications, but they may or may not work for you. But these foods will help you ease your anxiety naturally. Having a proper and balanced diet will help you lead a healthy life. So, start planning for a healthy food routine to remain fit physically and mentally.