Moisturize Your Skin with DIY Homemade Goat Milk Lotion

Nowadays, the world is leading to more profit-making commercial marketing, and buyers compromise the quality of products. Similarly, almost all beauty products like lotion are the worst affected that are used by us. There are various types of lotion available in the market that can be used for various purposes, such as moisturizers, sun tanning prevention, anti-aging or anti-wrinkle, and many more. These are generally applied externally on the face, body, or hand. They are nothing but filled with harmful chemicals with a jiffy aroma that generates adverse effects on our overall well-being, especially on the skin. The skin irritation is burgeoning day by day. You must choose a natural, not coated, with unnecessary cheap aromatic chemical-based lotion and give your skin a happy atmosphere.

For this, the homemade goat milk lotion is the best lotion you can give to your skin. Goat milk lotion is available in the market, but there is no authentication that all the ingredients used are natural. Some products contain allergy enhancing substances other than pure goat milk. They also add low standard preservatives to the lotion. So it is better to go with the goat milk lotion that is homemade. Homemade itself indicates purity.

Let’s dive into detail about the procedure of making homemade goat milk lotion and its magic touch on our skin.

Make a lotion from goat milk at home

  • The homemade lotions are extremely beneficial for you and super easy to make, and if you have skin irritation, it can calm your skin. Making the lotion is very simple and time-efficient as it takes merely 15 minutes to complete a homemade goat milk lotion. The first thing before starting the procedure is that you should know the ingredients properly in exact quantity. The ingredients use while preparing homemade goat milk lotion are water, pasteurized goat’s milk, natural oils like coconut or avocado are good, shea butter, wax, high-quality preservatives, stearic acid (optional), and natural aromatic substances.
  • Before starting the lotion preparation, you must sanitize all the utensils that are going to be used in the process. If all the utensils such as pots, spoons are not sanitized properly, then there is a chance that the lotion may incorporate microorganisms like bacteria and get ruined. After sanitizing every single utensil, you must dry clean all of them with a spotless soft dry paper cloth. Try to wash all the utensils with hot water because only runny tap water is not enough for complete sanitization. It may be contaminated with pathogens that eventually ruin the goat milk lotion. The first way to make lotion is to sanitize your bowl, pot, spoon, and other utensils. After then spray alcohol and wipe it out with soft dry cloths as alcohol is a great disinfectant. Don’t forget to wear gloves while making the recipe and also while sanitizing every utensil as fingers can also introduce bacteria into the preparation and disturbed the hygiene.
  • Once the utensils have been sanitized, take a pot filled with water and goat’s milk and put it on the gas. The temperature should be between 25 to 38 degrees Celsius. Use the thermometer to measure the heat. If you don’t have access to a thermometer or any other equipment that measures heat, you can just keep the gas’s flame low to medium. You must use pasteurized goat milk and keep stirring the milk as the milk can easily burn and keep checking the temperature. After the milk gets warmed, use another pot and take all the other ingredients such as oils, shea butter, emulsifying wax and keep heating them until it melted completely.
  • After completing both the process, both the liquids, that is, the goat milk and the mixture of oil, butter, and the wax, get warm. Then pour the milk into this mixture. After some time (depending upon the thickness and quality of the wax you are using), it becomes creamy in texture, and a whitish color appears because of the pure milk. After the creamy texture, keep blending the liquid mixture until a thick texture appears. It will take a little time, but apparently, it all comes together evenly. After you achieve the perfect texture, add the preservatives. The preservatives must be natural; hence it can protect different microorganisms like yeast and bacteria and keep the goat milk lotion fresh and useful. If you want to use the lotion within 5 to 10 days, you don’t need a preservative. But for prolonged use, a preservative is essential to keep the lotion microbes-free. Then give the mixture a proper mix and make sure you don’t reheat it as reheating required more preservatives as the preservatives you added previous time might get ruptured.
  • Wait until it cools down a little bit. You can use a handheld stick to keep blending it. After you achieve your desired thickness you are looking for, then pour it on the pump bottle or glass jar. Use a spoon or spatula while transferring the recipe from the pot to the bottle or jar. Before covering the bottle with a pump dispenser or the jar with a lid, use wax paper for a few hours as heat can transfer through the wax paper. If the lotion is still hot, it evaporates, and the homemade lotion is completely protected from molds and mildew that can grow due to the warm environment inside the bottle. After completing the recipe, when it cools down completely, use a pump dispenser if you are storing the lotion in a bottle to ensure no finger touch directly to the liquid and make sure the bottle’s material is glass rather than plastic. While storing one or two points, you should check that it tightens the bottle’s cover perfectly as a loose cap can introduce bacteria. Another important factor to check while storing is the goat milk lotion should not be in direct contact with the sunlight. Store it in a dark and dry place for its prolonged freshness.

Benefits of applying homemade goat milk lotion

  • First of all, the homemade goat milk lotion is all-natural without any harmful chemicals added to it. So the list of benefits is a little longer. As it is hand-crafted and made in a controlled environment that maintains the temperature (with the help of a thermometer) throughout making goat milk lotion, it retains all its raw goodness. It provides a magic touch to your skin.
  • One of the most important properties of goat milk is that it moisturizes the skin. In the very fact, the lotion made with goat milk removes the skin dryness with its moisturizing effect. It also gently cleanses your dirt skin deeply, eradicates all the non-living cells, and encourages new cells’ production and growth by providing proper nutrients required for growth and enhancement. The lotion is also beneficial for the collagen beneath the skin, which aids in elasticity and eventually decreases the chance of getting stretch marks.
  • The goat milk lotion is completely natural and homemade. It is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and vitamin B-complex. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that removes all the toxicity that is present in your skin. It also cures the inflammation on your skin. A substance called grease, which is harmful to our skin, and the lotions available in the markets have grease. The homemade goat milk lotion is deprived of grease, which makes it a non-greasy moisturizer.
  • The goat milk lotion is homemade, so it contains light ingredients and maintains a consistent texture throughout; that is why this lotion can apply to your whole body. The lotion enhances the skin by helping in pigmentation, which reduces the dark spot on your face and other body parts. The vitamin E that is present in goat milk prevents aging. By applying this lotion, you can get rid of those ugly wrinkles appearing on your face with all those delicate brown lines. It also reduces the damage caused by opening to sunlight and gives your skin a spotless look by naturally detaining your skin.
  • The most expensive skincare products sold in the market contain vitamin B complex, which is also present in the homemade goat milk lotion, which you prepared just in 15 minutes with minimal ingredients and little effort. It solves almost all common skin problems. One of the nutrients is niacin that conditioned the skin properly.
  • Some minerals like selenium, potassium are also present in the homemade goat milk lotion. The potassium present in this natural lotion blocks the moisture inside the skin cell and prevents dryness from within. In contrast, selenium offers some greater benefits, like it prevents the growth of cancer-causing cells. Other minerals present in the homemade lotion can remove the acne and pimples and give you a scar-free look.
  • The cream present in the goat milk makes the lotion more beneficial by hydrating your skin for a prolonged period, even in winter. The cream also increases the dry skin preventing properties of the homemade goat milk lotion. When you use a harmful lotion, it generally kills the good bacteria required for your skin’s overall health. Still, the homemade goat milk lotion does not interfere with the natural skin microbiome, protecting against ultraviolet radiation.
  • Vitamin E also contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which exfoliates dead skin and enhances young cells’ growth that gives a charming look to your overall appearance. The alpha-hydroxy acids like lactic acids help in many skin disorders and reduce irritation by curing them. At the same time, other lotions lack this property and eventually cause skin irritation and redness. This lotion also provides relief from other skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, etc.
  • The homemade goat milk lotion also provides you relief from the bite of insects and other bugs. It reduces the pain, swelling, and redness caused by the insect bite and kills the bad microbes gathered in that area, ensuring your skin health.
  • The shea butter that is used while preparing the recipe enhances the goodness of the goat milk lotion. It is applicable and useful for all skin types and provides a silky protecting layer that stops the harmful polluted particles from damaging your skin. It also improves the antioxidant, new cell development, UV radiation protection, collagen protection, and production properties of the homemade goat milk lotion. The avocado oil used in the preparation of homemade goat milk lotion softens the skin and heals the part of the partially damaged skin.

The avocado oil is also filled with lecithin, which stimulates better skin health. Another essential oil that is used in the preparation of goat milk lotion at home is almond oil. It removes the dry flakes from the skin by deeply moisturizing it. It also reduces itchiness in the infected skin and controls irritation.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, the homemade goat milk lotion is applicable for all types of skin regardless of your skin condition. You can get the utmost benefit from it by using this lotion regularly. It ensures your skin’s overall well-being, starting from gentle cleansing to deeply moisturizing of your dry and flaky skin. Suppose you want to use a lotion-free from harsh chemicals and useless cheap aromatic toxins. In that case, the homemade goat milk lotion is the best option for you to use regularly and provide your skin with all the purest organic nutrients it needs.