Not Feeling Well? It Might Be Due To Your Current Lifestyle

Is your current lifestyle affecting you in a negative way?

Has it ever occurred to you that your lifestyle choice can make you ill? The concept of a healthy lifestyle is not confined to only a balanced diet and regular exercise. It brings forth an important question as to ‘What is a Healthy Lifestyle’. In this blog, we will discuss different components of a healthy lifestyle and how it can pave the way for a balanced life.

Who is a Healthy Person?

A healthy person maintains a healthy weight, takes a balanced diet, drinks plenty of water, does not smoke, exercises regularly, feels relaxed, gets a full night’s sleep, socializes happily with others and stays optimistic.

At this point, it’s important to realize that health is a complete and complex set of physical, mental and social well-being. Therefore, the patterns of consumption, fashion and social relations are discussed in the broader scope of defining a healthy lifestyle.

A lifestyle is defined as the way an individual leads his or her life. Your lifestyle is a reflection of your personal ethics and attitudes and the way you judge people, deal with problems, and keep a tab on what is happening around you. A healthy lifestyle is a “balanced life” that encourages and enables you to make wise decisions and put those into the right actions.

How to Define a Healthy Lifestyle?

Healthy living can be characterized by the strategies and steps adopted and actualized towards achieving optimum health status. Healthy living is not a narrow concept, rather a broader one that helps you become a truly grown-up person who can take responsibility for his or her own actions. An individual who follows a healthy lifestyle, is able to make smart choices. Healthy living is composed of the following components:

Physical Wellness

  • Eat right, and nutrition-rich food
  • Become physically fit
  • Do beneficial exercises
  • Take enough rest
  • Manage stress

Mental Wellness

  • Love and compassion
  • Give and receive forgiveness
  • Laugh to experience happiness
  • Maintain healthy relationships with your inner self and others

 Emotional Wellness

  • Adopt Self-supportive attitudes
  • Have optimistic thoughts and outlooks
  • Have a positive self-image

Spiritual Wellness

  • Experience inner calmness
  • Engage in creative activities
  • Believe in your potentials

All these different components must work harmoniously towards achieving and maintaining wellness. Therefore, create and celebrate a balanced life.

Why is a Healthy Lifestyle Important?

A healthy lifestyle can successfully reduce the incidence and impact of several health hazards. It helps you adapt yourself to changes and challenges that create and multiply the stress factors. Most importantly, it improves the quality of your life.

Glowing scientific evidences are increasingly showing how lifestyle plays a crucial role in determining whether or not someone is in good health. Everything from what you take (both solid food and liquids), how long you exercise to if you have bad habits like smoking or heavy drinking, how you deal with issues that impact your life expectancy, and also if and how long you can live a healthy life without suffering any deadly or chronic disease.

Several chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, anxiety etc and life-threatening illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure can be prevented or at least delayed by leading a healthy lifestyle.

What Prevents You from Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle?

Most of us lead a busy lifestyle these days. An interesting and unfortunate observation is ‘busy lifestyle’ and ‘healthy lifestyle’ are not best friends with each other. Convenience matters most for ‘Busy Buddies’ and ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ is put on the backburner.

Good Health – Too Simple To Achieve Easily

A ‘healthy and happy’ lifestyle should be made a part of daily routine to experience all the benefits it is projected and proved to offer. The status of your health is a function of what you do every day. A healthy lifestyle is vital for maintaining healthy status and statistics.

If you are currently leading an unhealthy lifestyle, a pragmatic advice is to make changes slowly in a step-by-step way. Improvements are possible through small steps. Prepare a plan and stick to it at any cost. Simple changes in your everyday life will lead to a noticeable leap in a couple of months. Start now and you will see and feel the astounding benefits in 2-3 years.

Can an Elderly Person Go for a Healthy Lifestyle?

Better Late Than Never! Whether you are a 20+ guy or an octogenarian man, you can always adopt a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of your age, gender and fitness standard, you can always adopt some changes in favor of living your life healthily.

Do You Follow a Healthy Lifestyle?

Do you wake up with the kind of energy, excitement and enthusiasm needed to deal with everyday mundaneness and unforeseen challenges? Are you ready to take up challenges for a new beginning or boost in whatever you do? How do you cope with changes, inconvenience and failure?

Do you confine yourself to your echo chambers of sycophants or allow others to speak up their mind even if their views contradict yours? Do you appreciate others’ talents and efforts? Do you admit your mistake openly and accept others’ opinion if they come with logic, facts and figures? Do you feel appreciated and valued?

Do you enjoy the warm company of your well-wishers? Do you often take the right decision that help achieve your goals?

Your answers are the best judge to decide if some healthy changes are really needed.

What Should You Do for Healthy Living?

Healthy living is not difficult if you are determined to follow you-centric, health-benefitting status without any single-day failure.

Eat Healthy

Whatever your body type, age and gender, you need a balanced diet to allow your body to absorb all the vital ingredients including carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals in adequate amount to maintain good health. Make sure not to skip your meals and take the right type and amount of ingredients your body needs.

Active Lifestyle

There are several benefits of staying active and regular exercises. Physical fitness helps you keep your weight, blood sugar and pressure in control, prevents insomnia, cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. In a nutshell, it prolongs your longevity.

No Bad Habit

Smoking, heavy drinking, late-night partying wreak havoc on your health. Smoking is closely associated with lung cancer. Restrict yourself to moderate drinking– one peg at night before going to bed. Late-night party is fine once in a while but you should never make it a part of your daily life.

Stress Management

Mental diseases don’t manifest themselves through easy-to-recognize symptoms until the problems are acute. That is why, mental distress and diseases are more dangerous than physical illnesses.

Mental illness, often resulting from bottled-up stress and frustration, anger and other negativities, makes you more prone to picking up an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, managing stress is very important. Practice mediation to feel calmness and relaxed from within.

Final Words

In addition to eating healthy foods, keeping yourself hydrated, staying away from drinking binge and managing stress, you should establish an intimate connection to your inner soul. It’s a manifestation of your self-esteem and shows your confidence and pride in yourself. Feeling good is highly important as it heavily impacts how you present yourself and behave with others.

Last but not the least, empowering oneself is a way to feel healthy. Your mind and mission are programmable. Have a vision that inspires and instigates you for success. Stay focused and don’t let anything to dissuade you from achieving it or allow anyone to question the practicality of your target. Train your thoughts, knock off negativities and set yourself for success.