13 Simple Health Tips for Women to Look Younger Than Your Age

Most of the women throughout their life take responsibility for other people’s well being. From preparing meals, doing household chores, looking after kids, and attending all medical appointments, women forget to prioritize their health. But, the caregivers need self-care, too.

Many exclusive health concerns affect women differently and more commonly as breast cancer, menopause, cervical cancer, depression, anxiety attacks, and pregnancy. If all women start to take care of her and start making some changes in their lifestyle, she could save herself from many life threatening diseases like heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. Also, by changing your lifestyle, you can improve your skin texture and look younger and beautiful for a long time.

Here are some useful health tips for women, so you can be at your best and maintain a healthy body.

#1 Get off the couch & do physical activities

Yes, you are busy with work, managing home, kids, friends, and family but, it doesn’t mean you can stay on your couch every weekend and keep watching Netflix. 15-20 minutes of physical exercise is necessary to stay active and to maintain a healthy weight. If you want to look younger, move your body, shed some sweat, and run an extra mile. Your efforts will pay off for sure.

#2 Do Yoga

Stress is a slow poison. It can cause you a lot of health issues. You can release your stress by going simple yoga in the morning. Yoga will improve your posture, flexibility, and cure many health problems.

#3 Practise Self Care

While giving all your precious time to your work, family, and your loved ones, you forget the most special person is you. You need to take care of yourself. Self-care tips are something you need to keep yourself in an excellent condition. If you want to have hydrated skin, a moisturized body, and thick hair, then you need to practice a self-care routine.

#4 Follow a balanced diet plan

A balanced diet plan provides the complete necessary nutrition to women’s bodies. Your daily calories should come from fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes, lean proteins, and whole grains. If you follow the dietary guidelines for Americans, you will get to know how much of each nutrient your body needs.

#5 Stay Hydrated

Our body comprises 70% water & it needs water to function properly. Drinking a glass of water each morning can benefit you. There are many benefits to staying hydrated. Water is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain. Don’t drink water when you get thirsty instead drink water at regular intervals. Also, don’t forget to take essential multivitamins and minerals for better results.

#6 Prioritize sleep

Ladies, you work all day at least sleep peacefully at night. Say big no to phone calls at night as it will only disturb your sleep routine and when you will wake up the next morning with puffy dark eyes, don’t blame the phone calls. A minimum of 6 hours of sleep is mandatory for the body to recover and rejuvenate.

#7 Reduce Stress

Stress is like a slow poison. Stress releases hormones called cortisol that are not good for our body. 70% of adults in the United States say they feel stressed every day. The best way to manage stress is to workout daily, drink green tea, do aromatherapies, reduce your caffeine intake, avoid toxic friendships, and avoid procrastination.

#8 Use Sunscreens Daily

The harsh rays from the sun can make your skin dull. It also causes many skin disorders, skin cancer, and various other problems. So, even if you’re staying indoors, you need to apply sunscreens after 2-3 hours intervals. Daily application of sunscreen will help you maintain your skin tone and pigmentation.

#9 Regular Checkups

You can’t judge a book only by its cover. The underlying health issues are difficult to rectify if the disease is not showing any symptoms. With regular checkups, you will able to treat the issue before it gets worse.

#10 Take care of your Mental Health

Stress, health issues, personal and professional problems can make you paranoid. Emotional stability during periods and pregnancy is important to attain. Try to take care of your mental health, and eat healthily, do exercise and meditation to stay calm and positive in every situation.

#11 Quit Bad Habits

Bad habits like smoking and drinking can’t help you. Alcohol has a terrible impact on the liver and causes dehydration. And if you love your lungs and want them to work properly, please quit smoking.

# 12 Drink Herbal Tea For younger Skin

Nobody wants to get old, but you can’t stop the biological clock from ticking. To get the younger glowing skin you need to take proper care and keep it moisturized. Drinking herbal tea after meals can help you stay hydrated and digest food properly.

# 13 Eat more protein

Our skin comprises collagen. If your skin is thick, it means it has more collagen and to make your skin thick you should eat more protein-rich food.


You can’t stop the biological clock from ticking, but you can surely slow it down. If you follow a healthy lifestyle and follow these health tips, you would see the results. It’s time to take action and be the best version of you.