Some Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Your Overall Wellbeing

Qualified experts hold contradictory views on health and nutrition. It leaves people in utter confusion about what they should listen to and what they should ignore. However, all the disagreements aside, they agree to some common health and wellness tips backed by the scientific researches and evidences.

Here are some encouraging healthy lifestyle tips, which, if incorporated in your daily life, will surely show results.

Bid Adieu to Sugar Calories

Concerned about weight management? Well, avoid fattening items including sugary drinks. According to a research, our brain shows different patterns when it comes to measuring calories from liquid sugar.

Sugary drinks enhance the risk of multiple health problems including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

Certain fruit juices contain as much sugar as soda pop. Antioxidants, present in very small amount in fruit juices, fail to neutralize the harmful effects of sugar.

Eat Organic Food

Processed food is stripped off nutritional value and so, offers no health benefits. In fact, junk foods harms your health. These foods stimulate the pleasure centers in your brain and trick it into overeating. In some people, processed junk foods even promote sinful addiction.

These foods are high in refined grains and sugar, which are not good for your health, but low in fiber, micronutrients and protein, which are good for your health. They are notoriously known for empty calories.

Eat Nuts

Nuts are high in fat; still they are extremely nutritious and healthy. A study shows nuts are rich in fiber, magnesium, vitamin E and other nutrients.

Different components in nuts promote weight loss and management and, help you fight Type 2 Diabetes and even heart diseases.

Some additional evidences claim that nuts promote metabolism. In fact, almond is more effective in reducing weight if compared to complex herbs.

Eat Fatty Fish

Fish, especially fatty fish, is rich in healthy fat and high-quality protein. Fatty fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients.

Several studies conclude that people, who regularly east the most fish, are at a lower risk of heart disease, depression and dementia.

Don’t Avoid Coffee

Contrary to wide-spread beliefs, coffee is really healthy. It contains a high amount of antioxidants. Intake of coffee is strongly linked to a reduced risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, type 2 diabetes and several other illnesses. It even promotes longevity.

Get Enough Sleep

Your body, like a machine, needs plenty of rest after a day of heavy and hectic work. Remember that whether you do physical jobs or exert mental effort, it triggers your brain into working. Therefore, it needs some rest. And what could be a better way to rest your brain than getting enough of shut-eyes?

Poor sleep increases insulin resistance, slows your physical and mental performance and upsets functioning of appetite hormones. Insufficient sleep is also linked to obesity. One study finds that not getting enough sleep is responsible for 55% and 89% of increased obesity risk in adults and children.

Take Care of Your Digestive System

Gut microbiota are the bacteria in your stomach. They provide your body with incredible health benefits. If gut bacteria cannot function properly, they cause some chronic diseases including diabetes and obesity.

An effective way to promote good gut health is to eat probiotic foods such as, yogurt, sauerkraut etc and plenty of fiber-rich foods. A study claims fiber-rich foods work as a stimuli for gut bacteria and thus promote gut health.

Drink Some Water before Meals

It is important to drink plenty of water for detoxifying your body. In addition, it offers multiple health benefits. It also helps burn calories.

A study confirms that drinking 2 liters of water every day helps burn 96 additional calories. Drink water preferably before meals.

Drink enough water, preferably before every meal. According to a study, intake of 500 ml of water half an hour before each meal promotes weight loss by 44%.

Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are a great source of prebiotic fiber, minerals, vitamins and many antioxidants loaded with potent biological benefits.

According to several studies, vegetarians have a reduced risk of obesity, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and other health issues.

Eat Enough Protein

Taking enough protein is vital for your overall health, especially your weight loss. It tricks you into feeling full, reduces your cravings and encourages you to take only few calories. Eating enough protein-rich foods also shows promising results in lowering blood pressure and sugar.

Quit Smoking, Drink in Moderation

“Smoking is injurious to health”. Unfortunately, everyone reads the Statutory Warning but only a few cares. If you drink heavily or smoke, consider it a serious problem and deal with it first; other things can wait.

Smoking even 1 cigarette/day will increase the risk of lung cancer and even breast cancer. Just imagine how much damage ‘chain smoking’ might cause to your health.

Drink in moderation. However, it is always better to avoid drinking.

Final Words

Some small changes in your lifestyle can make a lot of improvement in your overall health and wellness. Foods are important but your focus should extend beyond what you take. Other things such as, exercise, social life and sleep are also important for good health. These tips will hopefully make you feel good with every passing day.