The Art of Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Though everyone wants to stay healthy, the recipe of maintaining a healthy lifestyle might feel like facing a grave challenge for some. It’s really not easy for them to steal some time from their home management and professional responsibilities and commit themselves to fitness routine. Sometimes, it feels incompatible with reality of life.

Healthy living does not need to be a pompous parade of health and fitness; in fact, it’s more than that. Contrary to deep-set beliefs, healthy living incorporates so many small things that you can easily welcome them into your daily life one by one, even if not at a time. All these will add up over time and make a big difference.

Here are some important and effective but simple tips for happy and healthy living:

Start your day with a glass of water

Coffee or green tea is great too but nothing works like a glass of water. It is a great detoxifying agent. It will give you plenty of energy, improve skin health and help in digestion.

Paint Your Platter Half Green

Fill half of your plate with vegetables at each meal. It is a great way to control your portion and stay healthy. The vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential for a long and healthy life. As veggies are rich in fibre, they make you feel full longer and help in digestion.

Take the Stairs

A clever way to shed a little more sweat is to take the stairs instead of using the elevator. It also works towards strengthening and toning your leg muscles.

Go the Organic Way

Yes, organic foods are little bit expensive but they offer immense health benefits. And you should not put a price for your health, right? Find out what kinds of REAL food you can procure from your local market. They are fresh and unprocessed or loosely processed. It could be soybeans, a cucumber, an apple or anything else.

It’ interesting to note that I am not advocating for ‘Health Foods’ as many of these come in processed forms. The point is to eat what you can easily make in your kitchen and avoid the lab-processed types.

Bath Yourself in Sunlight

Sunlight is both healthy and harmful. Don’t expose yourself to harsh rays from 10am to 4pm. But make sure to enjoy sunlight early in the morning. It is a great source of vitamin D. Not getting enough sunlight where you live? Eat more and more vitamin D-enriched foods and try a vitamin D supplement.

Enjoy Regular Workout

Take oath to sweat out every day. It might be running, dancing, doing yoga, biking or any other form of rigorous physical activity. You can also join a Gym or Zumba class and work under a personal fitness trainer. Alternatively, download a fitness planner to customize your fitness plan.

Brew a Glass of Green Smoothie

A glass of green smothie as a snack or a supplement, whatever way you like it for your breakfast. It is a good way to lean on green every day. Search on the internet and you will find many easy-teasing and mouth-watering smoothie recipes here.

Get Enough Sleep

Most adults should sleep 6-8 h hours of sleep each night. When it comes to sleep, both quantity and quality matter. Turn off bright light, keep your bedroom cool and dimly lit at night, sweep away stress and negativities – all these will help you catch sleep fast.

Make Rainbow on Your Plate

Try to include all the colours in your daily diet chart. And when it comes to colours, aim for natural colours and no skittles. This way, you will get all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that you need for healthy living.

Manage Stress

Stress can produce good effects too! Surprised? A little bit stress motivates you to better and brings the best out of you. However, chronic stress is bad for both your physical and mental health. Overwhelming creates a vicious circle by triggering the elements that cause stress. Try to engage yourself in activities that will help manage stress and keep it within a healthy level.

Have a Positive Outlook

Attitude makes all the differences between a good day and a bad day. Mindset really matters. Recognize the negative thoughts that bog you down and outweigh them cultivating a positive approach.

Take up Your Hobby

Many people are so entwined with their roles and responsibilities on both personal and professional level that they find no time for their hobbies. They are often conveniently overlooked as some recreation of the passé. Remember that they are also a part of your healthy living.

Do Intermittent Fasting

Strict dieting is no fun! However, intermittent fasting is not a diet but a healthy eating pattern. It yields surprising health benefits. It reduces inflammation, speeds metabolism, promotes weight loss and add years to your life.

Practice Gratitude & Forgiveness

After you wake and before you leave your bed, express your gratitude to nature, your parents, country and all others you owe to in one way or another. You can also offer your gratitude other times of the day. But make sure you practice it every day. Also forgive people who criticize or try to harm you for no reason. Give them wide berth, mark them ‘BAD’ but don’t waste your time thinking about them. It is not to suggest that you should forget these people but forgiveness will certainly give you a peace of mind.