Will We Have Guided Options for Coronavirus Treatment?

With surging numbers of the coronavirus patients on the global grounds, the virus has portrayed a rebellious character of its existence worldwide. Indeed, persuading the study of the historians, pandemics typically showcase two ways of ending. First is the medical approach, and the second way outlines the social aspect.

Well, in the current context, the social aspect of ending coronavirus disease can be ruled out. Since the virus has gained a larger foot of fear among the people around the globe, the coronavirus treatment under the social aspect is pointless, Thus, we remain with one option, which is to have a medical approach. But, at the same time, there is no vaccination or medication available for the coronavirus treatment until now. The trials for various drugs and the development of immunization are ongoing in most of the infected countries.

Drugs for coronavirus treatment: humanity under COVID-19 bars

You may have heard the extensive usage of hydroxychloroquine as a drug that is used for coronavirus treatment. Undoubtedly, the drug hyped the hopes of millions of people regarding the coronavirus disease, but its applicability is still limited. For some political foregrounds, the drug has fuelled the yearnings of the leaders as a miracle cure. Amidst the different ephemeral usage of medications for coronavirus treatment, no long-term medicaments have been reported. There is no Therapeutics or drugs that have been approved globally for the COVID-19 outbreak.

More than 150 types of different drugs are clinically being tested for coronavirus disease symptoms. The drugs that are under trial are mainly used for the diagnosis of individual symptoms of COVID-19. Three major clinical studies are ongoing for the development of mediations for coronavirus treatment.

Are medical trials one step ahead?

  • Recently, the WHO has launched the “Solidarity” clinical trial for coronavirus treatment. It is an international clinical trial that aims to provide effective treatment for COVID-19. It discovers the drugs’ various prospects to slow down the virus’s progression in the human body. Significantly, other drugs are continuously added based on emerging evidence regularly.
  • The UK has claimed that its recovery trial for the coronavirus treatment is the world’s biggest of its kind around the fear of the coronavirus outbreak.
  • More than 5000 patients of the country have already taken part in the clinical trial. The trial is testing the usage of several medicines for coronavirus treatment. Interestingly, the trial of the various medications is recommended by the expert panel.
  • Following an unbeaten path of medical history, multiple research centers around the globe are attempting to use the survivor’s blood as a coronavirus treatment. Researchers hope that an antibody rich plasma procedure can be used as a coronavirus treatment.

Will coping with the epidemic be easy?

Till there is a validated medication and vaccination available as a coronavirus treatment, it is essential to keep a check on the mental and physical health. The pandemic is laddered by its approach to each section of the society. The coronavirus treatment will find a way to heal the physical aspects of the infection. But it will fail to efface its calamitous memories that have embarked its outlines in the mental health of the people. The epidemic has resulted in the loss of jobs for people on various grounds. People have lost their livelihoods and are depressed as they have no option left. With most of the companies adapting their system with the transforming world, yet people are stressed-out. Whether it is work from home or grabbing a job opportunity in this tough time, the pandemic has steeped it spikes in every frame. Building resilience and coping with job stress can be crucial for the working class to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Will coronavirus treatment mend mental health?

Undoubtedly, today, or tomorrow, we will have a way out to this epidemic with the various options available for coronavirus treatment. But do you think you will be able to brush off the scar that is sketched in your mind?

Lately, the fear of coronavirus is the main reason behind various non-reporting of COVID-19 cases worldwide. The coronavirus has spiked its existence in all sections of the society. The fear of the virus has gripped the mental stability of the people who get diagnosed with the virus. While many patients are opting to commit suicide and ending their lives, others with symptoms are over-hyped. It is the fear that is driving your mental power to think and adapt appropriately. However, in the current context, people can’t adapt to the changes dynamically, yet humanity stands for global betterment. Epidemics create stressful situations, and the varied stressful circumstances are handled differently by everyone.

On the contrary, paving the bricks for better humankind, coronavirus treatment would surely be a revolution for the era. Staying safe and healthy until the vaccinations are available is the best to protect the community.