What Every Woman Should Know about Her Body

A woman is a pivot of her family. She can take the best care of her family only if she is healthy and happy. Physical health and mental happiness are intimately intertwined. Therefore, if you are physically fit, you are surely in mental peace and bliss.

This article compiles a rounded-up health info that you should give a thoughtful read to stay healthy so that you can always keep others in your family super fit and happy.

Here is how to take care of your body as a woman:

Carbs for Healthy Muscle

It is a burning question whether or not you should curb on carbs to stay in a good shape. However, all the debaters agree that carbs are important for your muscle health. You need to limit your intake of starchy carbs such as rice, potatoes and pasta to build up lean muscles. Carbohydrates are also important for your brain health. Stop eating them.

Black Pepper for Your Abs

Many women are obsessed with a flatter stomach. It needs a separate post to detail what extent they can go to reduce their peripheral fat. However, sometimes mundaneness creates magic. Add half a teaspoon of black peeper to your everyday meals and see the result. This spice is easily available at your home and helps to fight growth of new fat cells. Though there is no way to ignore the importance of dieting, some foods can really help you get closer to your ‘flat abs’ goals easily and quickly.

Too Much Work-out Not Good for Your Menstrual Cycle

Whereas there is no denying the fact that exercises help to alleviate your premenstrual syndrome, working out long on treadmill can mess with your regular menstrual cycle by causing hormonal imbalances, excessive spotting and irregular bleeding. However, you should not skip off your exercises and instead, do moderate exercises for not more than 30 minutes regularly with some good amount of rest in between.

Eyes & Your Health Condition

Your eyes say a lot and you just need to decipher its silence. Eyes are very sensitive organs. Therefore, any kind of discomfort or burning sensation in your eyes must not be taken lightly. Eye pain could be a symptom of a more serious health issue. For example, dry eyes might reveal inflammatory problems such as, arthritis. Therefore, you should consult an ophthalmologist if you feel any kind of pain and discomfort.

Not All Healthy Foods Good for Your Butt

Sugary items offer no help in our fight against fat and cellulite. But to your utter surprise, some healthy foods are not good for your buns too. Many honey and yoghurts come with added sugar. And while you are taking them in good faith, it is actually preventing a toned butt and harming your overall health.

Healthy Foods & Yet Feeling Hungry

Believe it or not, certain foods including some healthy ones can bump up your hunger. They store as fat in your body and don’t work as fuel. They make you crave more. Whole grain bread, yogurt and smoothies are some surprising culprits under the ‘Healthy Food’ category. Avoid eating them with healthy proteins and fats which keep you fuller for a long time.

Stress Management for Good Health

Thanks to articles floating on the internet and doctors frothing on TV channels, many of us now know how important it is to keep stress controlled and calm. Not controlling stress is just like slow-poisoning your cardio health. But how many of us know that stress is baneful for our health? It is seldom discussed. Urinary incontinence is closely related to poor pelvic health, which, in turn, is associated with uncontrolled tension and stress.

Sometimes problems surface late and that’s why, managing stress is so important to maintain good pelvic health so that it can help eliminate lower back pain.

Stress Being an Enemy of Your Metabolism

It seems that stress is a major buzz kill for every system from cardio health to metabolism. Excessive stress can slow your ability to burn fat. Taming stress is not an easy task and we know that. An hour-long meditation and yoga session can change the scenario and put the control button in your hands. If you consider the long-term benefits, it’s worth your time.

No Workout Good for Health

Sometimes and to some extent, it sounds true! We’re not recommending that you should leave your gym for good but giving it a skip now and again will actually help you tone up. It’s not all about an old and oft-saying ‘Taking a break from mundaneness will make you feel magic in the same” but there is a science behind it. By resting your muscles for one day, you just give them a chance to rebuild their flexibility so that they can be easily stretched and stressed later.

Limited Alcohol Intake in Old Age

If you are in habit of sipping from a glass of red wine every night before going to bed, think about limiting the intake to only one drink per day once you reach your forties. Dehydrogenase is an enzyme that helps our body metabolize what we drink. A fewer of these enzymes is present in women. Furthermore, drinking increases the risk of breast and ovary cancer in women by manifolds, especially after menopause.

Nipples Telling a Lot about Your Health

It’s not a typo mistake. Just like nails, nipples also let in a lot about how healthy you are. An itching nipple could mean you need to change your bra. A retracted nipple might be a symptom of breast cancer. If you feel any kind of discomfort or pain in nipple and/or see any change in its shape or size, immediately consult a gynecologist.

Weight Not a Sole Parameter of Good Health

Many factors speak volume for good health, with weight being just one of them. Just because you are maintaining good weight never means you are healthy. Your dieting habit, lifestyle, amount of daily sleep, stress managing ability and a balanced bond with what you take are more important than the number on weight machine.

As a woman, you are a caretaker of everyone’s health in your family. The several roles and responsibilities that you switch between make it more important for you to look and feel healthy from within. In every healthy woman, lives a calm, composed and creative mind. Do you really need more reasons to care for your health?